Barra de Navidad Jalisco Mexico

Mexico is known for it's beautiful beaches, tequila, taco's and friendly locals. Barra de Navidad takes it to a whole new level.


Jensen Kentel


It feels like everywhere I travel, I fall in love with the place a little more than the last spot, so saying that I found my favourite area in all of Mexico seems a bit bold but I am willing to take the plunge here. If you have never visited Barra de Navidad, you should.

Barra de Navidad is a beautiful Mexican beach town situated about 20 minutes from the Manzanillo Airport and 4 hours from Puerto Vallarta (by car).

The town itself sits on a sand bar with a stunning lagoon on one side and the pacific ocean on the other! The lagoon side is lined with restaurants where you sit and enjoy the local seafood while watching the fishing boats bring in today's catch.

The ocean side, is framed by stunning rocks formations and some of the most stunning sunsets I have ever seen! No better place to get a margarita and watch the sky light up with bold red's and purples.

The town center is full of life with local vendors, amazing street taco's, restaurants and a weekly market. The cobble stone streets are always bustling and the vibe is super laid back, no need for fancy clothes here.

Visit Barra de Navidad Jalisco, Mexico

Where to Stay

Tai Condo's AirBnb

If Airbnb is more your style, this one definitely takes the cake! Tai Condo's is an ocean front building with a stunning infinity pool facing the sunset! I doesn't get much better than this!

Check it out on Airbnb!

Hotel Bogavante

This is the only hotel I have personally stayed in and loved it! The staff are super friendly and the ocean front pool is worth every penny. An added bonus is that the hotel is located right in the town center!

Learn more about Hotel Bogavante!

Things to do in Barra de Navidad

I know they so to save the best for last, but I think that's ridiclous so I am going to tell you my favorite adventure in Barra de Navidad!

1) Secret Beach

To get there you need to take a water taxi from the town of Barra de Navidad to the marina, from there walk across the peninsula towards the golf course. Once on the beach again will see a staircase built into the rockface that leads to a secret beach filled with wildlife and some of the most stunning views I have ever seen!

I know those directions may not be the most clear so I suggest dropping a pin into google maps!

Secret Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen! The rock formations and wildlife are absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention out all 3 times we visited Secret Beach, we only briefly saw 1 other couple. It was surreal to have the beach to ourselves.

PRO TIP: bring lot's of water, snacks, sunscreen and bug spray for when the sun starts to set!

2) Boat Tour to the Shipwreck

There are many boat tours and fisherman who will take you on a tour to the famous El Llanitos shipwreck, if fishing is your thing I recommend booking a combined tour! Experience ocean fishing, enjoy fresh sashimi on the boat and explore the shipwreck!

3) Golf at the Grand Isla Hotel

The Grand Isla Hotel is an impressive hotel across the lagoon from the town of Barra de Navidad! The resort hotel boasts all-inclusive & à la carte options, pools & swim-up bars, tennis courts and a stunning 27-hole golf course on the ocean. The views from the course alone are worth checking out!

4) Hit the Beach & Explore the Lagoons

The beach in Barra de Navidad is stunning and stretches all the way to the neighboring town of Melaque. It is clean, swim-able and often times you will be one of the only people on the beach!

A must-do in my opinion is the walk from Barra de Navidad to Melaque (about 20 minutes) with a stop at Anacora Bar on the way! Anacora is a beach bar nestled in between the ocean and the Lagoon and is made completely of driftwood, it is a perfect sunset drink spot!

5) Explore the Town, Shops, Restaurants & El Malecón

The town of Barra de Navidad is lively and you can always find a spot to enjoy a margarita with a view and some live music! Explore the shops, and learn a bit about the town's unique Filipino history and explore the views from the Malecon!

6) Surf

Personally, I am not a big surfer so I haven't been out myself but surf lessons are available and the waves looked great for beginners!



El Manglito

A Mexican seafood restaurant with a beautiful lagoon view! Try out the molcajete bowl, it's salty but soooo good!

Restaurant Nacho

A casual Mexican spot with a stunning ocean view (great spot for sunset!)

Bob's Treehouse

An American style restaurant built in a tree! This is a great spot to enjoy some comfort food or for when you get tired of taco's every night!

El Pescado Sushi Bar

Technically this isn't located in Barra de Navidad but in neighboring La Culebra (just a short water taxi ride away). This place is unreal and 100% worth a visit (or 2)!

Pro Tip: The family who owns El Pescado also owns the water taxi service so you can ask to be dropped off on right on their dock!

Where to Eat

Barra de Navidad is truly Mexico's hidden gem, it has everything! Restaurants, live music, affordable luxury accommodation and untouched beaches but the real reason this place is so special is the people!

I only brushed the surface on the best places and things to do in Barra de Navidad so my advice is to ask a local what their favorite spots are and just go for it! Almost everywhere we went was because someone recommended it. Start up a conversation with the server at a restaurant or your taxi driver, everyone we met was so kind and eager to help make our trip memorable and those are the memories you hold onto forever.

Safe Travels,

xoxo Jensen