Content Creator, Social Media Strategist & Traveler

Jensen Kentel

Hi, I'm Jensen!

I am a Content Creator and Travel Enthusiast based out of beautiful Kelowna, Canada. I feel so blessed to be able to combine my love for social media and my passion for helping small businesses thrive on socials. When I am not creating content for my incredible clients, I love capturing and sharing my adventures from around the world. From epic adventures to hidden gems and local experiences, I am so excited to share my experience as a 20 somethin' just trying to figure it all out. Let's Explore.

I am hosting the trip of a lifetime with my friend and fellow travel creator, Kaitlyn Dickie. The Wandering Wellness getaway is an all-inclusive experience of a lifetime for the adventurous ones, those seeking waves, nature, community, inspiration and playfulness all in one trip. We can't wait to see you there!

We are going to Costa Rica!

Creating Connections through Content

Your audience craves authenticity and relatability. Working with a content creator allows you to connect with your audience through social media content that seamlessly incorporates your brand message. Social Media doesn't have to be complicated, it needs to be authentic.

Work with Me

Looking for social media content? Want to reach new audiences? Are you looking for support as you navigate the everchanging social landscape? As both a content creator and social media strategist, I love to bring your brand to life on social media through authentic and engaging content.