Best Coffee Shops in Kelowna

The Kelowna coffee scene has grown so much the past few years, don't miss out on the vibrant coffee in Kelowna!


Jensen Kentel

1/22/20232 min read

As someone who works from my laptop, a good coffee shop is so, so important. There is just something so special about a bustling café and luckily over the past few years Kelowna's vibrant coffee scene has grown rapidly. New spaces are opening up every year with lots of character and good vibes! Here are my current favorites:

Sprout Bread Shop

Sprout Bread Shop is (in my opinion) the best spot in town to get fresh baked bread. If you haven’t tried their sourdough yet, you are missing out!

This funky spot also serves some incredible coffee as well as breakfast/lunch options, I recommend ordering anything with bread. The space is 2 floors with lots of indoor and outdoor seating. I love to come here to meet up with a group of friends or to find a nook and get some work done.

Bright Jenny

I first discovered Bright Jenny at the Kelowna Farmers Market serving up coffee from their original mobile coffee trailer, since they have expanded into a Kelowna staple serving coffee and food in the industrial area.

You may recognize the famous Bright Jenny couch from Instagram photos, it's a really cool space, I recommend you check it out!

Bean Scene

Bean Scene is located downtown Kelowna on Bernard Avenue and will always be one of my favorite summertime coffee spots because of their unreal rooftop patio.

There is nothing better than getting some vitamin D while enjoying a cup of summer.

They also have locations in the Landmark Center, Pandosy Village and on Ellis & Doyle.

Analog Coffee

Analog Coffee opened up on Sunset Drive this past year (2022) and quickly became a favorite spot to cozy in and get some work done. Sunset Drive is turning into bustling hot spot in Kelowna and is a great location to grab a coffee and walk along the lake!

The coffee is delicious, the people are welcoming and the vibes are great!

Thanks for reading,

xoxo Jensen

Kelowna is growing into a coffee lovers paradise and I am here for it! If you have a favorite spot in Kelowna that I missed I would love to hear about it! Connect with me on Instagram and let's all share our secret spots!