Creating Connections through Content

Sponsor an in-feed post, Story Bundle, Instagram Reel, or Photo Post on my most engaged platform, Instagram. Want to expand your brand recognition? Sponsor a TikTok Video or Email List Integration. I am available to host giveaways, Instagram Takeovers, and even be a Guest Speaker for your event/podcast. Have another idea in mind? I would love to hear it!

I am passionate about the brands and services I partner with, send me an email or book a Free Discovery Call and let’s chat about your marketing goals and how we can achieve them together!

How can we work together?

Influencer Marketing

By working with Influencers, you get a customized creative strategy, model, photographer, editing team and access to a targeted audience all in one. Together, we can work to make your brand come to life and reach new audiences through personal and authentic social media content.

Influencer Marketing is here to stay. In 2022, The Influencer Marketing Industry Reached $16.4B (Influencer Marketing Hub). Let's chat about ways we can share your brand and mission on social media!

"Jensen was very professional to work with. She was responsive and clear in communicating. We knew what to expect and when. The content was high quality, turned around quickly, and incorporated client feedback while offering helpful suggestions to make the partnership content work well."

-Coldwater Communications

"It was a pleasure working with Jensen for content creation on one of our paid brand campaigns. She was timely with her work, followed all guidelines for the project, and we are very happy with our final deliverable! Would 100% recommend working with her."

-Kipling Media

"Jensen is a great content creator who consistently produces high-quality and engaging content. She pays great attention to detail and shows a genuine passion for her craft, making her work both entertaining and informative. Highly recommended!"


What people are saying...

Travel Content Creation

By working with Travel Content Creators; Airbnbs, Hotels & Experience Based Businesses can amplify your reach and drive organic traffic to your website. Influencers offer content with a personal recommendation and authentic feel that integrates seamlessly into our daily consumption of content. Let's chat about ways we can share your experience with the world!

Brand Partners

Content Creation (UGC)

Social Media can be overwhelming and creating impactful content for your brands social media is very time consuming. By working with a content creator, you get a creative team, model, photographer and editor all in one! Together, we can share your brand message through authentic social media content can converts! I have worked with 30+ brands to create both organic and paid social content. Let's chat!